Stock Footage video: humpback whales, stock footage, tails, fluke, backs,

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humpback whales
humpback whales topside shots
video clip: humpback whales topside slow motion shots1
author:   peter schneider
location:   Tahiti, French Polynesia
format: Sony NEX-FS700
length preview:  00:00 min
length master:  00:00 min
comments:  humpback whales top side shots in slow motion 215fr/s Backs, tails or flukes and heads shot in Tahiti, French Polynesia 2013 with Sony NEX-FS700 in a Amphibico Genesis700 housing
humpback whale footage  »  humpback whales topside shots
humpback whales topside slow motion shots1 humpback whales top side slow motion shots 2