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Footage libraries working us
Framepool was the first German library we started to work with:

© copyright by Underwatercam
Ocean Footage was the first footage library we were working with. Strating to submit our SD footage. Since then lots of changes have taken place. From SD to HDV and Full HD and now starting 4K
Our portfolio you find at:

© copyright by naturefootage
Then we started to work with Aquavision in South Africa. They also produced some shows with me for Nat Geo tv like caught in the act

© copyright by aquavision
Then we started to work with the first online library.
It was our less spectacular footage we uploaded to their website.
Our portfolio:

© copyright by clipdealer
Shutterstock was aproaching us to upload our footage to their website. They are by far the agency sell ing the most of our footage so far!
Here you find our portfolio:

© copyright by shutterstock
Pond 5 was next!
Our portfolio:

© copyright by pond5
Stock footage
stock footage for free?
underwatercam stock footage library offers a colourful spectrum of high definition video stock footage.
Our philosophy is to provide you with new, unspent and customized underwater stock footage.
Our underwater video stock footage library contains shark footage, manta ray footage, eagle ray footage, dolphin footage, sea turtle footage and all kind of footage of tropical marine life. Exceptional shots and close up shots of silver tip sharks, grey reef sharks, great hammerhead sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks and much more. Stock video footage beyond the ordinary: mating and copulating manta rays ( never filmed in wildlife before). A Shark attack of a silvertip shark which shows how intelligent sharks are. You have never seen that before!

We are on site. At one of the worlds best shark diving destinations. The atoll of Rangiroa, French Polynesia, the capital of shark diving.

Video footage provided by underwatercam is non-exclusive and may only be used in the production or program specified in the license agreement and for that one production only. Footage may not be re-used, duplicated, licensed or re-cut into any other productions or program. Footage rights are worldwide, for all media.

When applicable, credit for stock footage supplied by underwatercam should be given and a copy of the finished project is requested. All tapes are copyright material subject to the exclusive ownership rights of underwatercam.
© copyright by Underwatercam
Payments for smaller volumes can be made with Pay Pal and we deliver Today through dropbox, wetransfer or via direct ftp upload to your server.
Bigger volumes we will deliver on thunmb drives or dics with the courier of your choice.
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your stock footage could be for free!
We believe your creativity should not be limited by your budget. We are sure we find a way to match it. Our philosophy is, you pay what you are able to. We ask you to be honest with yourself and find out the value of our footage for your project. Money is just one of many currencies. We accept all kind of appreciation. Maybe you are a musician and like to trade a song for footage. Or you like to cooperate. We are all in the creative business. And most of us want to live in a better world. So, we start with new ideas, new ways of living and making business.
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Prices also depend on use, format and amount of licensed footage.
Please contact us for details.

Volume discounts are available.

Special rates are negotiable for educational and non-profit productions.
Your budget sets the price!
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But please note: We reserve the right to refuse the service to anyone!
Royalty Free Footage
New: Flat rates, Bulk rates and colletions
Now we offer you also royalty free underwater stock footage.
Pay for the clip only once and use it in any application as often as you want it.
All Rights for All Media, WorldWide, and In Perpetuity.

Ask for our very attractive royalty free footage FLAT RATES, "BULK RATES" and COLLECTIONS!
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